Gitea is a community managed lightweight code hosting solution written in Go. It is published under the MIT license.

Registration #

Registrations are (and will remain) open, simply sign up at If you have difficulty answering the captcha, send us an email for manual registration instead.

Access #

Signing in: oauth2 authentication available via Discord or Nextcloud (

You may clone, push etc. via HTTPS. Create a PAT (personal access token) to use as a password for Git here: (this is mandatory if you have 2fa enabled.) Using 2fa is highly recommended.

Usage #

Commit Signing #

Commits made on the web editor or through the API will be automatically signed by this key: Git Service <>
Fingerprint: AB99 DF29 EF9F 795A 885F 2E23 805C 68AE 8E89 6990
Key ID: 805C68AE8E896990

This key does not expire. Merges and wiki edits will not be signed.

Terms #

  • Limited personal information will be collected when you sign up or log in, such as your IP address and browser information.
  • All data stored or collected will be removed when it is no longer needed.
  • Caution: the email address you commit with will be visible by running something like git log. The email address you register with is visible to logged-in users only unless you’ve selected to keep that private in settings.
  • No information is or has been shared with third parties.
  • Do not store sensitive material in a public repo.
  • Do not store harmful or illegal content.
  • Do not upload large files/ binaries.
  • Backups are taken regularly, however I make no guarantee should something happen.